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With all this rain and flooding, I'm not too crazy about being outside right now. Though the rain may let up a bit for the weekend, it's still pretty soggy, muddy and flooded around town. What to do?

If you have kids, you are probably looking for something to keep them busy (and out of your hair!). Or if you're like me, you just want something to do to beat away the boredom. Here are some ideas that can take everyday household items, trash or recycables and turn into art and/or functional household items:

1) Use different colored beans to make a mosaic

2) Decorate clothspins to make magnets

3) Make coasters from magazine

4) Make a basket from old maps

5) Make a picture frame out of cardboard

6) Decorate an empty Kleenex box and use it for plastic bags

There are hundreds more ideas. Here are some links to inspire you:

Recycling/re-using materials to make new crafts (Kaboose):

Green Your DIY: Crafts from trash (Sierra Club):

Also, there is a fun place here in Alexandria, called UpCycle Creative Reuse Center  that promotes creativity through the redistribution of reusable materials. Be sure to check out their website here.

And finally, for fun, click here. Imagine the possibilities!

Heather Schaefer is the Founder and Executive Director of Go Green! Alexandria, dedicated to environmental education and outreach. Find out more on Go Green! Alexandria.


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