Announcing the Alexandria Green Ideas Challenge Winners!




How would you make Alexandria a greener, more sustainable community?

On February 29, 2012, Eco-City Alexandria, Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission, and ACTion Alexandria teamed up to launch the Alexandria Green Ideas Challenge. We asked Alexandria to submit their ideas for making Alexandria a greener, more sustainable community. Our goal was to harness the incredible talent, intelligence and creativity of Alexandria citizens to generate and prioritize ideas for sustainability and serve as a community catalyst to move our city closer to being a true eco-city!  Thanks to the Dominion Foundation, we are able to award up to $2,500 in prize and grant money to the winners.


Thanks to everyone who participated, either by submitting an idea or voting for ideas.  Your actions truly make a difference!

18 great ideas were submitted!
825 online votes were cast by more than 275 people!

We Asked for Ideas that
  • Could be implemented for less than $1,000.
  • Are community or neighborhood focused and grassroots oriented
  • Could be implemented without City resources
  • Special consideration was given for ideas with a youth focus
Winning Ideas Selection Criteria
  • Relevancy
  • Actionability
  • Online voting

The judges had a very hard time deciding the winners because there were so many great ideas submitted. Thanks again to everyone who submitted an idea!

And The Winners are...

First Prize: $275.00 Daniel Waller for Little Green Fingers

Daniel will use high efficiency indoor grow lights to grown plants year round and teach children at Lyles Crouch Elementary more about the natural growing cycle, eating healthy, and the importance of protecting natural environments.

This project was awarded $682.00 in grant funding to complete the project.

Second Prize: $150.00 Jacqueline Horstmann for Higher Achievement’s Community Garden

Scholars at the Alexandria Achievement Center plant a community garden at Hammond Middle School or other designated site. This garden will not only be a place where citizens can create a vegetable garden, but food will be donated to Alexandria homeless shelters.

This project was awarded $918.00 in grant funding to complete the project.

Third Prize: $75.00 Stephanie Waldhoff for Girl Scouts Water Habitat Restoration

Cadette Girl Scout Troop 5751 from GW Middle School is working to restore water habitats in Alexandria.  We will work with the City of Alexandria to find wetland locations that need restoration.  We will be planting native water grasses and other plants that will help rebuild wetland area for frogs, animals, and fish.

This project was awarded $400.00 in grant funding to complete the project.

One Last Important Note! 

While some ideas were not selected as winners, we see possibilities for action in many cases and will be seeing how we can help move them forward in the near future. We'll be trying to set up meetings with City officials and nonprofit groups or even businesses we think might help.

Thanks to our Judging Panel

Laurel Hammig, Facilities Planner, Alexandria City Public Schools
Kristen Nelson, Environmental Policy Commission
Khoadinh Tran, Transportation & Environmental Services, City of Alexandria


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