Alexandria Named 2nd Most Well-Read City in America

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Alexandria was named the 2nd most well-read city in America, right behind Cambridge, Mass., by Amazon.

Amazon released their information to the public about who who has bought the most reading material through their website and Kindle sales since the beginning of 2011.

There is no surprise that the top 20 cities are colleege towns or in close proximity to major universities.

Amazon broke it down a little further to show which kind of books these cities are purchasing. They show that Cambridge buys the most nonfiction, while Alexandria buys the most children's books.

Even though Amazon cannot track literacy rates, this information shows that Alexandria is on the right track to increased literacy in children. It all starts with buying the books and Alexandria has that part down.

The top 20 most well-read cities is listed below.

1. Cambridge, Mass.

2. Alexandria, Va.

3. Berkeley, Calif.

4. Ann Arbor, Mich.

5. Boulder, Colo.

6. Miami, Fla.

7. Salt Lake City

8. Gainesville, Fla.

9. Seattle

10. Arlington, Va.

11. Knoxville, Tenn.

12. Orlando, Fla.

13. Pittsburgh

14. Washington, D.C.

15. Bellevue, Wash.

16. Columbia, S.C.

17. St. Louis, Mo.

18. Cincinnati

19. Portland, Ore

20. Atlanta


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