Alexandria: Be Prepared for "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy

hurricane_imageBe prepared this weekend as Sandy, also known as "Frankenstorm" is coming up the Eastern Seaboard

The National Capital Region has the potential for impacts from Hurricane Sandy beginning sometime late Sunday into Monday.The National Weather Service anticipates a Sunday into Monday change in weather to include some rain (1" to 2" depending) and NNW winds 15 to 20 MPH.The storm is expected to impact us overnight Sunday into early Monday, continuing into Tuesday, bringing us higher winds and rainfall.NWS forecasters note the main concerns are wind damaged trees and downed power lines. Please note: this storm has made several changes in the past 24 hours so any shift further West could bring more significant rainfall and much greater wind gusts.

Get ready today:

  • Stocking/Re-stocking emergency supply kits (including extra batteries, etc.).
  • Cleaning out gutters, storm drains, etc. (keeping drains clear of trash, leaves and branches) so rainwaters can easily flow, reducing possible flooding and ponding situations.
  • Remember food safety - power outages and flooding may happen as a result of a tropical storm or hurricane, so have a plan for keeping food safe. Have a cooler on hand to keep food cold, and group food together in the freezer so it stays cold longer.
  • Have an adequate communication plan - be sure friends and family know how to contact you. Teach family members how to use text messaging as text messages can often get around network disruptions when a phone call can't get through.
  • Keep in mind, hurricanes bring heavy rains, storm surges, and possible flooding events. Avoid walking or driving through any flooded areas - it takes only six inches of fast-moving flood water to knock over an adult and two feet to move a vehicle. Remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown!
  • For those who may be in the path of Sandy, hurricane safety tips are right on your phone by downloading these useful apps:

FEMA - Android, Apple, Blackberry·American Red Cross "Hurricane" app - Android, AppleLatest Sandy forecast from the National Hurricane Center

We encourage you to keep up to date with local conditions - follow TV and radio reports from your area, or ( on your phone) for the latest forecast.

Stock Up Today:

  • Portable radio, either battery-operated or the hand-crank type.
  • Corded telephone and fully charged cell phone
  • Extra food. Consider foods that do not require cooking or refrigeration.
  • Manual can opener.
  • Bottled water.
  • Prescription medicines. Fill any you may need ahead of time.
  • Extra baby supplies -- diapers, formula, etc.
  • First-aid supplies.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries, not candles.
  • Extra blankets.
  • Backup heating supply, such as a generator, fireplace or space heater.
  • Pet food.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Charge your cell phone.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and flashlights.
  • If you heat your home with propane or fuel oil, make sure you have enough to last a few days.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full.
  • Refrain from calling 911 or other emergency services unless it is a true emergency or life-threatening condition.
  • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher.
  • Make sure the account information on file with your electric utility is correct. Have the number to your utility handy, should the power go out.
  • Fill bathtubs with water in advance of severe weather.
  • Have your pet cages ready.

Emergency Response Training

Alexandria Fire Department - Community Emergency Response Team CERT

1108 Jefferson Street, Alexandria VA 22314. 
Sign up for the next training class to learn how to increase your neighborhood's disaster readiness and support first responders, including triage and first aid. Volunteers train to help with community safety, emergency and crisis, and even complete a small-scale disaster simulation.

Contact: Kim Purcell, 703-746-5259

Alexandria Health Department - Medical Reserve Corps
4480 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22311.

Find out how to train for Alexandria Medical Reserve Corp (MRC)-unit of local medical and non-medical volunteers who are ready to respond to public health emergencies.

Contact: Kathy Deffer,

If you are interested in disaster management coordination, contact: or 703-836-2176.


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