2012 at the Torpedo Factory: A Look Back

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Originally posted Friday, December 28, 2012

Jeff Sypeck, TFAA Writer

"It's a moment that I'm after," Andrew Wyeth once wrote, "a fleeting moment but not a frozen moment." As 2012 comes to a close, the Torpedo Factory Artists' Association thanks you for joining us in chasing those fleeting artistic moments! As you recover from the holidays, enjoy this sampling of TFAA blog highlights from the past 12 months.

We kept you up-to-date on news from our artists:

  • Kathy Beynette published a book: When Your Porcupine Feels Prickly. 
  • Marietje Chamberlain learned that her landscapes may help frame Judi Dench.
  • Anna Yakubovskaya painted stories in silk.
  • Alicia Roman, Jackie Ehle Inglefield, Tamara Embrey, and others made sure that every day is America Recycles Day.
  • Carolyn Dutky Romano and Ann Citron dreamed of "Empire 2012."

We introduced you to both new and veteran TFAA artists and their beautiful, beguiling work:

  • Zoya Gutina continues to lead a beadwork renaissance. 
  • From software architect to photographer: an interview with German photographer Guido Krueger. 
  • Jewelry maker Dejan Jovanovic turns ancient textures into wearable art.
  • Masha Kosmos explained how Russia inspired her interest in the fiber arts.
  • We explored the scrumptious foodscapes of Cindy Packard Richmond.
  • Photographer Greg Knott brings whimsy and humor to art photography.

We also gave you a heads-up about TFAA artists' community involvement:

  • Margaret Huddy cruised the Baltic as an opportunity to teach.
  • Robert Rosselle beckoned local students to look into sculpture. 
  • Chris Erney proposed a memorial for Richmond. 
  • Matthew Harwood designed a kinetic wind sculpture for a nearby park.
  • James Dean's son found Torpedo Factory fans in Brooklyn.

In 2012, you also spotted TFAA artists across the region and around the world:

  • At the National Museum of the American Indian, Lisa Schumaier helped kids walk in their own artistic shoes.
  •  Alison Sigethy charmed Capital Home Show attendees with her Sea Core Bubble Tubes, 
  • Kelly O'Brien exhibited her paper sculpture on both sides of the Atlantic. 
  • At a holiday market, Jenae Michelle found new fans for her custom-made handbags.


We also took you behind the scenes at the Torpedo Factory:

  • Welcome, dignitaries from Bahrain!
  • Meet Michele Hoben, TFAA Jury Chair.
  • Ever wonder about the sculptures on the stairs? So did we.
  • Dogs at the Factory: friends, greeters, sentinels.
  • We opened this blog with a FAQ for artists...
  •  ...and a FAQ for visitors as well.

Happy new year to fans, followers, and friends! We'll continue to create, teach, and share our passion throughout 2013, so check back regularly for news, events, and a year-round invitation to experience the artistic life.


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