United Way Day of Action - June 21st

End Date: Tue, 06/21/2011 - 11:59pm

Help United Way and Target put together reading backpacks for 50,000 children!

On June 21, United Way and Target are teaming up to put together summer reading backpacks for 50,000 area elementary school students and you can help.

The United Way of the National Capital Region will receive 50 backpacks for kids in the National Capital Area for each volunteer who signs up using our code: UWNCA


Take Action Today!

Click the Take Action button below to sign up to help on June 21st.  By signing up to volunteer, you'll be helping the United Way put together 50 backpacks for kids! You must sign up using the code UWNCA.

Come down to the National Mall for a few hours, and together, we can help 50,000 students transform their summers into reading adventures. Sign up today. Be sure to use group code, UWNCA.

Every kid loves summer vacation, but our students need opportunities to make the most of those three months off. Books are one of the best ways to indulge in summer adventures and still stay focused on learning.From exciting action stories to gripping fairy tales, we'll be bringing summer fun to the elementary school students of Washington to keep them engaged in healthy activities.

Your help can make the difference for how many backpacks we're able to get out into the community. It really takes just a few hours of your time to keep kids on the right track this summer.