What’s Next, Alexandria? Take the Civic Engagement & Planning Poll

city_of_alexandria_seal The City of Alexandria wants your feedback on how you like to participate in decisions about the City's future, your suggestions for improving the civic engagement process and the key topics you think we should discuss as a community. 
Your input will lay the groundwork for our first community discussion on civic engagement at which we’ll provide the results of the poll and discuss how they can inform strategies for the future.
After finishing the poll, if you have more ideas related to the City's civic engagement efforts, join the online discussion in the ACTion Alexandria "What's Next, Alexandria?” forum.  The last day to complete the poll is Thursday, October 18th.

*This poll is not presented as a scientific survey. Submissions are monitored only for the purposes of preventing irregularities that would inappropriately influence the outcome. Any irregular submissions will be excluded.

ImportantSomewhat importantNot important
Convenient time (of day or evening) and/or day (week or weekend)
Translation services
Transportation available or transit accessible
It is clear how my input will be used
Ground rules for participation
Ample opportunity for public input
Interactive, hands-on work
Small group discussions
ImportantSomewhat importantNot important
Provide opportunities to explore issues through dialogue and deliberation, such as in small groups
Provide opportunities for everyone to express their positions to a larger group, such as at City public hearings or on comment boards
Learn from national/local experts and the experiences of other communities facing similar issues
Offer the option of “virtual” participation via the web, both during and after public hearings, seminars, or other events
Use statistically valid surveys to determine what issues are important to the community
Invite the community early on in the planning process to identify the issues and opportunities that are important to them
Make it easy to monitor a process through communication methods people already use like social media and email so they can participate in the way they choose
ImportantSomewhat importantNot important
Acknowledge all points of view
Allow the public to have input on the public engagement approach and planning process
Establish common elements to all planning processes and plan documents
Engage participants in more “hands-on” activities to actively build plans
Ensure that decision-makers receive the public’s input verbatim and unfiltered
Keep the community informed about trends shaping the future
Provide a broad range of options for public participation so anyone can be involved
Reach out to all segments of the community through community surveys
Make it clear throughout the planning process how community input is shaping plan recommendations