This Week: 30 Baby Home Safety Kits Needed for Healthy Families Alexandria

End Date: Fri, 08/26/2011 - 11:59pm
Donate A Home Safety Kit!

Donate $15 toward a Home Safety Kit and help Healthy Families Alexandria keep young children safe in their homes.

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"Running to raise awareness and to raise money for the at-risk children and families of Alexandria."

For more information about the Running Brooke Fund, visit:

This Week: Diapers for Homeless Families in Transition

End Date: Sun, 03/06/2011
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Give Back Alexandria (Give Back), an initiative of the Alexandria Community Trust (ACT), is a network of people who are focused on giving back to our City and community in ways that encourage social networking, activism, volunteerism, and philanthropy.  A key priority for Give Back is to educate and raise awareness about the current needs in Alexandria and empower the next generation of philanthropists and leaders around those issues.