Support Environmental 'STEAM' Learning at Jefferson Houston School


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics or 'STEM' learning is a focus at the new Jefferson Houston (JH) School (PreK-8).  Using the environment to help teach these concepts is one of the goals of the new Garden & Outdoor Classroom at JH.  The plan is to have a shed with a metal roof that will have solar panels on it so kids can learn about renewable solar energy.  The water from the roof will be captured and stored in rainbarrels that will be used to water the new garden. There will be a composter where kids can learn about turning food and vegetative waste back into energy (fertilizer) and the lifecycle of compost.  We have received two grants so far (for the solar panels & roof)) but are still in need of funds to cover the metal gutter & downspouts ($160), two rain barrels ($130), CMU blocks for the rain barrels to sit on ($40) and the composter ($700).This project is in conjuction with the Jefferson Houston Children's Garden grant that is seeking funds for the garden itself (support them too!). This is a community building project and we are working with Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), JH PTA, Volunteer Alexandria, Boy Scouts, City of Alexandria Extension Service (Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia), National Geographic, ACPS, and other interested parties.  If you would like to help with this project please email Eliza at playgardengrow dot gmail dot com.  Thanks for your support! 


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