Jefferson Houston's Children's Garden


Jefferson-Houston's Children’s Garden Proposal Prior to the demolition of the old Jefferson-Houston Elementary and the construction of the new building, there was a Children’s Garden located on the school grounds.  This garden was one of 15 Children’s Gardens throughout ACPS and was used by students primarily in grades K-2.  The Jefferson-Houston Garden provided an outdoor classroom where students engaged in hands-on activities and extended their learning to the natural world.  Lessons in the garden reinforced the curriculum and addressed Standards of Learning in many subject areas.  As the Jefferson-Houston school grounds near completion, a space has been designated for a new Children’s Garden.  Planning has been underway and a design for the first stage of the garden is completed.  This design includes five raised 4’ by 8’ beds, a shed, tools, seating area, walkway and beds for planting a pollination and herb garden.  Unfortunately, there are now not enough ACPS funds to build the garden.  The initial stage of the project calls for constructing 5 raised beds measuring 8’ by 4’ using landscaping timbers 8’ by 6” wide.  Each bed requires 6 timbers to build and approximately 25 bags of a combination of compost and topsoil to fill the beds for planting.  The approximate cost for building a bed would be $125.00 for the timbers and $100.00 for the soil.  For 5 beds the total would come to about $1,150.00, including hardware.  We are hoping to be able to get volunteers to build the beds.  In addition to the cost of the garden beds, some tools will be needed for students and volunteers to use.  This could cost an additional $200.00 for a wheelbarrow, shovels, trowels, hand clippers and garden rakes.  We are requesting a total of $1,400.00 to help us complete the initial stage of the Jefferson-Houston Children’s Garden.  We are hoping the first stage of the garden can be completed by the end of the school year.  If materials can be purchased in the next few months, then parent and community volunteers will be contacted to help with building the beds.  An Eagle Scout has already been contacted for building the seating area during the summer months.  With beds in place and a seating area completed, the initial phase of the Children’s Garden will be ready for students to use when they return to school in September.  


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