Marathon Charity Cooperation


MCC is hosting  the 2nd Annual Alexandria Running Festival ( on May 29th.  We are working diligently to build ties within Alexandria.  The Center for Alexandria's Children joined us this year and we would love to involved more Alexandria charities that help underprivledged or abuse children.  We are gaining more Alexandria corporate partners having recently enlisted the Hoffman Company, Alexandria Westin and the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association.  We are also a member of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Our vision is to build a large running festival for Alexandria that will benefit the city, local charities, businesses and children.  We had over 500 runners last year and are projected to come near our permit limit of 1500 this year.Marathon Charity Cooperation is a 501(c)3 charitable and educational organization that conducts several events a year. The MCC members assist with its activities and meet at least once a year to elect directors. MCC is a member of National Co-op Business Association, Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and USA Track & Field (USAT&F).The current Officers and Directors are:

  • President - Nicholas Panebianco
  • Vice-President - John Steitz
  • Secretary - Jay Wind
  • Treasurer - Vidya Vijayanand
  • Director - Lisa Decker
  • Director - Adriana Anderson
  • Director - Alvin Gunkel


  • To improve the lives and provide comfort to disadvantaged children and families
  • Use education, health, and fitness events to improve individual and public health and promote the benefits of cooperative living
  • Improve our local and global community by raising funds for our partner charities
  • Promote public awareness of the global work of our charity partners