Welcome to ACTion Alexandria!

An ACT for Alexandria initiative and sponsored by the Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation, the City of Alexandria, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, ACTion Alexandria marks an exciting stage in a project more than a year in the making. ACTion Alexandria brings together neighbors and local nonprofit organizations to exchange ideas, coordinate efforts, and solve problems in our community.

How does ACTion Alexandria work?

ACTion Alexandria works closely with local government and nonprofit organizations to collect and prioritize community needs and turn them into actions and challenges for citizens.

  • Each week, ACTion Alexandria features a new action that targets the need of a local nonprofit organization in the form of donations of goods, services, and/or funds.
  • Citizens can help solve large-scale community problems by submitting their solutions to challenges hosted on the site.

As with any project, we expect a few bumps and ruts on the road and appreciate your patience along the way.

How To Use This Site

I'm a citizen
  • Check out the Action Center for ways you can help right now.
  • Visit the Challenge section to see what community problems you might be able to help solve.
  • Is there a problem you'd like to see solved? Tell us about it, or start your own action.
  • Create a profile, sign up to support local nonprofit organizations, and start blogging!


I work for a nonprofit
  • Add your organization to ACTion Alexandria to increase awareness of your organization and find new supporters. Your organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The Community Manager reviews all requests.
  • Add your organization's events from your account.
  • Start your own actions on the site from your account.
  • Blog about your organization's events, actions, and whatever else you'd like to blog about as long as it meets our community standards.
  • Help increase public awareness and increase support for the local nonprofit community.


I'm own a local business
  • Invest in the future of Alexandria by supporting local nonprofit organizations working to improve Alexandria’s quality of life.
  • Provide philanthropic opportunities for your employees.


A Special Thank You

A special thanks must go out to the ACTion Alexandria Steering Committee for their leadership and expertise, to the ACT for Alexandria Board of Directors and Advisory Council for their vision and support, to Brooke Curran of the Running Brooke Fund for her generous sponsorship of our Featured Actions, and to Forum One for hosting the ACTion Alexandria website. This project would not be possible without the day-to-day encourgement and help from members of the ACT for Alexandria staff; Executive Director John Porter, Program Director Brandi Yee, and Development Manager Henrietta Lamotte.


How ACTion Alexandria Got Started

In response to community requests to see if online tools could facilitate citizen philanthropy and problem-solving, Alexandria's community foundation, ACT for Alexandria, commissioned a study in summer 2009 to assess the feasibility, cost, and impact of developing such a platform. The four month study concluded that Alexandrians were ready for a next-generation solution for civic engagement. Thanks to support from ACT for Alexandria, The Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation, The City of Alexandria, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation through their prestigious Community Information Challenge grant program; ACTion Alexandria, a platform for community engagement and problem-solving, has finally launched!

You can read more about ACTion Alexandria here.



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