New Features Available on ACTion Alexandria

This week, we're excited to roll out several new features (and some old features retroactively). Most importantly, we promised you badges and they're finally here. Here's a list of new features to look for after logging in today:

User Profiles

  • A Badges Earned section that appears just below your profile image and includes a list of badges you've earned by completing actions on the site like taking part in actions, posting comments and blogs, solving challenges, etc.
  • An Organizations I Support section will list organizations you have added to your list of favorites. Just visit the page of one of your favorite nonprofits, click on "Add To Favorites." Your favorite organizations will appear in this area for others to see.
  • A list of actions you've taken now appears below your basic profile information. Don't worry if you don't see anything yet. Items will appear once you've taken an action.
  • In the right sidebar, you might see blog posts you've written or events you've listed. Once again, if you don't see anything here, don't worry. You will once you've written a blog post of posted an event.

Organization Profiles

  • Your supporters can now add you to their list of favorite organizations by clicking "Add To Favorites." Every time someone adds you to their list of favorites, you gain another supporter. You can see how many supporters you have on ACTion. Encourage your supporters to join ACTion and show their support for you by adding you to their favorites.
  • Your actions and events now appear on your profile page where everyone can see them.
  • See a list of who has taken one of your actions and add them to your lists.
  • We've added links to your donation page and social media profiles.
  • If your organization has a Facebook fan page, you can include your Facebook fan widget code so that visitors to your ACTion profile can like your Facebook fan page right there.


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