Are You Aware?


In honor of Virginia Cyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Week,  I'm sharing a blog post from Dennis Jaffe, the newest addition to the ACTion Alexandria family. Click here to read all about it.
Did you know...

*That 67% of pedestrian accidents happen at nighttime.
*Weather is not a factor in 90% of pedestrian accidents.
*In 2008, 51 people were injured in pedestrian accidents in the City of Alexandria.
*In 2007, 70,000 pedestrians were injured in accidents nationally.

How do you avoid getting injured as a pedestrian?

*If possible, when walking, wear light colored clothing so motorists can see you.
*Use crosswalks whenever possible. Jaywalking is illegal in Virginia and you can be ticketed for upwards of $250. And yes, Alexandria Police do issue citations for this offense (no, I don't speak from personal experience).
*When walking at night, try to wear reflective clothing so motorists can see you.
*If you are walking or jogging, please go against traffic. Dawn and dusk are especially dangerous times for pedestrians, so try to wear reflective clothing.
*Pay attention. It's easy to get distracted in general, but throw in your cell phone, traffic, bikes and lights and it's quite easy to step into traffic without realizing it.
*Don't assume a driver will stop. Even if there's a marked crosswalk, or a pedestrian traffic light, drivers don't necessarily stop for various reasons. Be careful.
*Look both ways before crossing the street. Sounds simple, right? We all learned this in grade school but how many of us do it? This simple act has saved me a few times when I've crossed a one-way street. If I hadn't looked the opposite way, I wouldn't have seen a driver driving down the road the wrong way.

For additional resources, please check out Alexandria's  Local Motion Bike & Walk page, here.

#: Information retrieved from Virginia DMV Pedestrian Statistics.

Heather Schaefer is the Founder and Executive Director of Go Green! Alexandria, dedicated to environmental educaiton and outreach. Find out more on Go Green! Alexandria.


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