Alexandria Census Data, Closing Achievement Gap, and More: This Week's Latest ACTIon



  • The Parker-Gray Growler reports that Virginia's statistics from the 2010 Census are available.  This article from the Washington Post discusses Alexandria's numbers in great detail.  Since 2000, the City's population has increased 9%, primarily due to growth in the Hispanic and Asian populations.
  • Read this interesting profile of Dr. Ronald Furgeson, who makes it his mission to close the "achievement gap" of the educational system in the United States.  Some of his latest work focuses on Alexandria and T.C. Williams High School.  Recently, he played a major part in the Gates study on evaluating teachers.
  • Councilman Rob Krupicka tells readers of his blog that Virginia AP scores are third-highest in the country.  He urges students to aim for first place, and highlights the Virginia Department of Education's lengthy and informative article on the matter. 
  • Join Harmonious Living blogger, Sally, in her celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Sally suggests doing a few things to get started like, smiling at everyone, saying "thank you" to a person who helps you, and dispsoing of neighborhood trash.  A Kindness Fair will take place on Sunday, February 20.  Sally says: "We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can certainly change our little corner of it."


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