Nominate Alexandria for the GOOD City Index!

End Date: Mon, 10/14/2013

Nominate Alexandria!

GOOD , an international, online forum for sharing ideas and tools is assembling the GOOD City Index. GOOD wants to know What Makes a Good City? We know that Alexandria is great place to live, work and visit, but why? Let GOOD know! 

Here are the instructions: 

GOOD wants to hear about street corner revolutions and studio space innovation. Places where citizens are valuing connectivity, creativity and equality over commercialism and property prices. We want to hear about the places we might like to move to, to work in, or visit—not because they're perfect, but because they're interesting and have just the right mix of energy, people and possibility. And we want your help. 

Below is our part of our criteria. In addition to the numbers, we want to know some of the color—the work spaces, cafes, and vegetable stalls that make a place feel like home.

Help us assemble the GOOD city index by nominating your favorite cities in the comments of this post. You can name a city you think we should include, and tell us why by explaining at least one of the qualitative criteria below.

1. Do GOOD-er hub—Where's the best place to engage, work collaboratively, run into a new idea or get inspired (could be a TEDx scene, a workspace, a street where freelancers commingle etc.)

2. Civic engagement—How do we know people are awake? Where do people protest, graffiti, or vent their grievances (i.e. Taksim Square, Speakers Corner, Tahir square, etc.) 

3. Local vibes—Best local vendors, example of an independent shop triumph, or a neighborhood where small and local is valued over big and homogenized?

4. Defining moment—What's your city's SXSW, TED Conference, Love Fest, Carnivale, or  Mardi Gras?

5. Pick-me-up of choice—In London it's PG Tips, in Paris cafe au lait, in Nairobi it's Orange Fanta, and in KL it's cold Milo—what the local drink of choice?

Click on the Take Action link to nominate Alexandria today! 


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