Help Keep Warwick Pool Open!

End Date: Tue, 04/30/2013 - 11:59pm
Keep Warwick Pool Open!

Here's how to tell Alexandria City Council to "Keep Warwick Pool Open":

1. Write an Email or Letter. Please do this today. Your 10 minutes now can lead to an entire summer of enjoying Warwick Pool! Use the attached points in a brief letter and/or share your own personal reasons for keeping the Pool open. **If you do just one thing, send an email to City Council! **

· Email using the forms at

· Send Mail to 301 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314

· Call 703.746.4500

2. Post on Twitter and Facebook. Tell Council members to "Keep Warwick Pool Open" by speaking up on social media. See for a list of places to post.

3. Share this information with neighbors and ask them to act too! 

The time to act is NOW. Keep Warwick Pool Open!

Points for keeping Warwick Pool Open:

Per a recent City study, there are 16,806 users of Warwick during three months of usage. Primarily from neighborhood residents in the Warwick and Del Ray communities – two very active locations in the City - and City camps. Where do they go if the pool is closed?

Chinquapin will be closed for repairs this summer. If Warwick is closed also, that leaves only the Old Town pool as the one major pool in the entire City (the Houston pool is too small to affect the total numbers).

o Warwick attendance was 16,806 for the summer per the City's own study. Chinquapin's was 23,000 for the same time period (factoring in only the months that it will be closed for repairs). Old Town had 16,302 for the summer. Closing Warwick at the same time as Chinquapin means that 

56,108 people – by the City's own numbers - would be forced into one location that already experiences long lines at times during the summer – a recipe for disaster. 

o In addition to the regular attendance, there are approximately 300 campers each week using Warwick. Closing Warwick means that those campers either add to the numbers at Old Town or do not get any aquatic experience. Many of these campers are lower income residents who have limited opportunities to learn to swim or play in the water.

The City also conducted a Needs assessment recently. Unmet pool demand is one of the highest complaints from citizens. Closing Warwick at the same time as closing Chinquapin is exactly the opposite of what the City should be doing. They can't meet the current demand, so they are going to force people into a vastly overcrowded situation that will just increase the public dissatisfaction with the pools. Not exactly a sound management strategy. 

The City has invested in several improvements at Warwick over the past few years. Closing Warwick at this time means that those investments go to waste. While we understand that any more significant investments in the Warwick pool may not be practical in future years, using the pool for another year or two would mean that the existing improvements are utilized.


Extending the use of the Warwick pool for another year allows the Warwick Village Citizens Association and the Advocates for Alexandria Aquatics to meet with the Virginia Theological Seminary (owners of the pool land) to see if private sector funds can be available to help the City out. It will allow for a planned transition to a City recommended spray ground there.

Extending the use of the Warwick pool also helps alleviate, to an extent, the crunch created by the closure of Chinquapin this summer.

The decision to keep Warwick open needs to be made soon so facility preparations can be done by opening day. Chinquapin closes as of May. 


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