Help Friends of Guest House Raise $500 to Transform Women’s Lives

End Date: Sun, 03/20/2011 - 11:59am

Approximately 5,000 women are incarcerated in Virginia. Without the assistance and support from programs like Friends of Guest House, over 70% will likely reoffend upon release. Help us raise $500 for basic essentials the women of Guest House need to successfully rebuild their lives.

Friends of Guest House operates a Residential program with 10 beds for women convicted of non-violent offences who are recently released from prison of jail. Guest House has expanded to also include Aftercare, Outreach, and Speakers Bureau programs to offer further assistance to female ex-offenders.

Friends of Guest House is a safe haven for women recently released from prison or jail who sincerely want to change their lives. The program helps clients reestablish themselves as law abiding citizens by assisting them in finding affordable housing and secure employment, while also helping them form a secure social network. Friends of Guest House transforms women’s lives and creates a better community in the process.

The Running Brooke Fund is willing to match any donation up to $500! That means your $5, $10, or even $50 donation will be doubled!

Take Action Now!
Click on the Take Action button below to help Friends of Guest House continue transforming the lives of women recently released from jail or prison. Our goal is to raise $500 to help provide Guest House clients with basic essentials most of us take for granted. You will be taken to Guest House’s donation site.

Your Donation Will Be Used For
-Office supplies and Metro and Dash cards for job hunting
-Household items like laundry detergent and toilet paper
-Miscellaneous items like GED preparation materials and grocery cards

For more information on Friends of Guest House, I urge you to take the house tour  and to watch their video. You can find out more about programs offered by Guest House here.

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