Fire Leaves Seniors In Urgent Need of Food

End Date: Fri, 06/10/2011 - 11:59pm

On May 21st, a suspected gas explosion rocked a high-rise senior living community in Arlington and left 100 residents without a home.  30 of these temporarily displaced seniors are being housed in Alexandria at the Homestead Studio Suites in the Carlyle/Eisenhower neigborhood and they need our help!

According to the manager of the hotel who is coordinating assistance for the displaced seniors, there is no restaurant on site, and although the rooms have kitchens, the seniors have no way of getting food or the ability to cook. They are receiving milk and eggs from their senior living community every 2-3 days but need additional food.

The hotel manager is seeking help for their temporary residents.

Take Action Today! contact Angelika at Homestead Studio Suites 703-329-3399 to:

  • Cook one simple, warm meal for 20-30 people
  • Drop off cans of soup, juices, soft bread, microwaveable meals, tea bags, coffee and coffee filters
  • Drop off nonfood items like magazines, newspapers, romance books and card or board games.

The hotel will coordinate meals and provide plates, forks, etc.

Please help today by contacting Angelika at Homestead Studio Suites 703-329-3399