Donate $10 Target Gift Cards for Children's School & Emergency Needs

End Date: Tue, 09/06/2011 - 12:00pm

Donate $10 Target gift cards to The Child and Family Network Centers to help with children's school & emergency needs

When Jeremy, a bilingual 4-year old from Alexandria’s Arlandria neighborhood, enrolled at The Child and Family Network Centers (CFNC) he knew few, if any, letters of the alphabet; but by the end of the school year he knew them all and used them to write his name along with a dated plan for what he wanted to do each day.

Help CFNC replenish pre-school classrooms with educational books, games, and activity materials so that  200 of Northern Virginia’s neediest and most at-risk children can, like Jeremy, be prepared for successful futures in kindergarten and beyond!

Take Action Now!
Click on the Take Action button to pledge to help CFNC attack poverty at its core and decrease risk factors while equipping children and their families for future success through its preschool and family support service programs. Drop off or send a $10 Target gift card and become a part of that success!

By donating just one $10 Target gift card, you will be encouraging CFNC students to be curious and active learners and promote literacy, math and science skills.

CFNC operates 10 preschool classrooms in the City of Alexandria and neighboring Arlington County that serve nearly 200 of Northern Virginia's neediest and most at-risk preschool aged children by providing free, nationally accredited, high-quality and culturally sensitive preschool education and family support services.

Drop off or mail your $10 Target gift card:

The Child and Family Network Centers
3701A Mt Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22305

If dropping off, the CFNC office is next to The Birchmere and is open Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Additionally, the gift cards will provide our families in crisis with food, clothing and basic household supplies.  Each year CFNC assists many children's families with basic needs, and sets them on a course of future self-sustainability.

Thank you for your support.