Dine and Dish! Give your feedback about the Food Truck Pilot Program!

End Date: Sat, 10/31/2015 - 6:00pm


ACTion Alexandria is partnering with the City of Alexandria to ask for your opinions, suggestions and comments on the Food Truck Pilot Program that will be tested in Alexandria from July 1, 2014-October 31, 2015. Through the Food Truck Pilot Program, food trucks may be open for business between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in certain off-street locations around the City of Alexandria. (read the ordinance). 

Your feedback will be used to inform the outcome of the Food Truck Pilot Program at the end of October 2015. Over the next 15 months, ACTion will be running a series of surveys, idea challenges, and discussion forums to help all in Alexandria make their voice heard. 

Now, we want to hear from you! Click TAKE ACTION to post your comments, share your ideas and offer suggestions. We want to hear from all sides, but please keep debates friendly (read the fine print-ACTion's policy). 

Questions regarding how to use ACTion to give your feedback? Call Kerrin Epstein at 703-379-7778 or email kerrin.epstein@actforalexandria.org. 

Questions regarding the Food Truck Pilot Program? Email Jerome Fletcher at: jerome.fletcher@alexandriava.gov or Joanna Anderson at joanna.anderson@alexandriava.gov. 


*Note to post on ACTion you will need to create a free account, but good news, it's free and easy, and we're here for you if you need help. Call 703-739-7778. 

Report a Food Truck Policy violation with Call.Click.Connect. 

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I am generally opposed to food trucks, but there might be a place for them somewhere in Alexandria - I wouldn't speak for every neighborhood. But they definitely do not belong in Old Town. I agree with the previous comment - they undermine the bricks-and-mortar restaurants that make a real commitment to our City and that will continue to be here after the Food Trucks drive away to find new venues. They are generally an eye-sore and distract from the charm that makes Old Town a tourist destination. They would free ride on the charm created by the bricks-and-mortar establishments without contributing to it. And with all of the restaurants in Old Town, they are hardly needed to provide a varied dining experience. If the residents of the West End believe that food trucks would make the West End a better place to live, work and visit, that's for them to decide.

Love live live food trucks but haven't seen any on the west end except WEBA's Food Truck rodeo.

Don't understand why brick & mortar owners are usually against.
They don't compete - different markets.

Bring on MORE food trucks !!!! Would live to see them at least Inde a month in a Southern Towers parking lot or somewhere on far West End.

If you allow Food trucks to vend in the public right-of-way, next will be every manner of retail sales of every other kind of item (clothing, toys, electronics, etc).  The city, by allowing food trucks, is undermining its tax base based on the property tax bricks-and-mortar establishments pay.  Even on this limited "pilot" basis, allowing food trucks is not a good public policy. 

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