Taste The Wines of Italy & Help Homeless Families

Here’s a fun way to support Community Lodgings, a great local organization that helps homeless and low-income families, especially if you like wine. Community Lodgings is holding their 7th Annual Wine Tasting event at historic Christ Church in Old Town, Alexandria. Most of us already enjoy Italian wine, but imagine how much better your wine will taste when you know every drop will benefit a homeless or low-income child and their family.

Each year, Community Lodgings helps 25 homeless families in Alexandria reach the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. Community Lodgings also helps 90 homeless and low-income children and their parents to increase academic achievement and decrease at-risk behavior in their Family Learning Center. To find out more about this great support organization, visit Community Lodgings’ website.

What You Can Do

Attend Community Lodgings’ 7th Annual Wine Tasting event

When: Sunday, November 7th—5:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Christ Church at 118 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Tickets: $75 in advance or $85 at the door. Contact Jim Dempsey at 703.549.4407 or jdempsey@communitylogdings.org

Wine selections will be provided by Downey Selections and Rick’s Wine & Gourmet, and guests will have the opportunity to order the sampled wines at discount prices, for pickup at Rick’s Wine & Gourmet.

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About Tracy Viselli
Tracy Viselli is the Community Manager for ACTion Alexandria.

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