Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy -- Create a Safe and Accessible Environment for Student Play, Exercise, Health and Community Building


Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy, built in 1958, is one of the City of Alexandria’s smallest elementary schools. The parent and student community has a history of volunteerism for projects to improve the local community such as monthly service projects (e.g. Meals on Wheels), Pillars of Character, Senior Citizen Cards Program, Support the Troops Program, and the Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive. We believe that because school plays such an important part in our children’s lives, it is our responsibility to provide every opportunity for the total development of their potential, so that they become valuable contributors to our society. Our school’s existing play area needs help. The grass is in poor condition and the play area bumps right up against the parking lot and bus loading area creating a serious safety issue, especially for our younger students and many toddler and pre-school age siblings who often come to the playground before and after school. The poor condition of the field and related drainage issues often make outdoor play inaccessible for days after a big rain, even after the sun has come back out. This impacts not only our students but the local community who often utilize the playground during off-school hours.

Creating a quality and safe environment for students and our local community to play and exercise is the first step to getting more children active and healthy. This is especially important to our community as 43.5% of children ages 2-5, 23.5% of children ages 6-10, 13.1% of children ages 11-14, and 13.7% of children ages 15-18 are overweight or obese in Alexandria (source: Inova Health System). This grant will allow the school to promote health and wellbeing through play and exercise in a safe, engaging and beautiful environment that brings families and communities together. We have a list of basic improvements that would make a huge difference – e.g. refurbishing the field, filling holes that are currently marked with cones, adding shrubbery (for a safe division between parking lot and play), etc. Our parent and student volunteers are ready to mobilize. We need your votes to make this happen -- please help Lyles Crouch to be as beautiful on the outside as the staff, teachers, students and families are on the inside. 



 LCTA, 530 South Saint Asaph Street


Lyles Crouch is the Best!!

Truly Lyles Crouch playground is a community playground.  It is utilized not only during the school day by the students but before and after hours and on the week ends by the community.  The potentially nice grassy field is not so nice with many bald spots and dangerous holes where the children can get hurt while playing.  The grant offered by the ACTion Alexandria would make a big difference in the look and usability of the play space.

Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy all the way!!!

Promoting healthy, happy kids who strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives...improvement of the field will go a long way toward this goal and also present a model of City Excellence to local visitors, international tourists, and residents alike!  Gooooo LIONS!!!

Go Lions!

Together we can do anything!!

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