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Harvest Festival This Sunday, Nov. 4th!


This Sunday, 4MRMarket will host our annual Harvest Festival.

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4MRMarket Report: "Get it While it Lasts!" Edition


The 2012 edition of the 4MRMarket season is wrapping up in just a few short weeks. 4MRMarket thanks you to all of their devoted supporters that have made it a great year. Now come on out to the market and stock up on fall favorites, including a huge selection of apples and squash. Also, fill your freezer with Stifler Farms beef to help you get through the off-season!

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4MRMarket Report: "Where's the Beef?" Edition

The beef is back. The Stiflers will be at 4MRMarket again this Sunday with their fabulous meat.

And Fall is here and the Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market is in the homestretch. We have a great year of fantastic products and now we head into another season with more to offer.


Fabulous Fall Savory Slow Cooker Meat Loaf
with What's For Dinner Now

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4MRMarket Report: "Falling for Fall Produce" Edition

Fall is here and the Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market is in the homestretch. We have a great year of fantastic products and now we head into another season with more to offer.


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4MRMarket Report: "Rainbow Lady and Princess Fiddlesticks" Edition

This week we have an interactive, kid-friendly show by the Kate Moran Band from 11am-noon plus a second collection for St. Rita's Annual Clothing Drive.  See below for more details on both.

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4MR Market Report: "It's Electric" Edition

Come one, come all, to an electrifying performance this Sunday from 11am-Noon this Sunday at 4MRMarket

Wytold Lebing, an acclaimed electric cellist, and a Strathmore Artist in Residence, has volunteered to play the market this weekend, so come on out and experience a very eclectic and electric sound for a song.  Donations will be accepted, but the performance is totally free! Find a music loving neighbor who has never stopped by our little neighborhood market that could and bring them along.

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The Uncle Devin Show in Four Mile Run Park this Sunday

uncle devin kids music showBring your little ones to the Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market in Four Mile Run Park this Sunday for a fun, musical way to learn!

The Uncle Devin Show is a live, participatory musical experience for children by world renowned drummer and author, Devin Walker. He uses the drum, both traditional and electronic, to convey universal principles of love to children and to inspire young people into pursuing the artist within themselves. This interactive show seeks to connect with children through the drum and the art of storytelling that will lead toward their personal, cultural and social development.

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The Arlandrian: Arlandria: When A Plan Comes Together

With all eyes either gazing in adoration or glazing over in rage at the waterfront plan, a small, community-spurred plan to bring about changes in a struggling, but hopeful neighborhood has finally come to fruition.


The Long Road


The Vision from the 1998 Plan.

The Arlandria community has been planning for change longer than any other neighborhood in Alexandria. We are now a decade into implementation of theArlandria Revitalization Plan, the result of the City and community-supported 5-year planning effort from 1998 to 2003. Broadly stated, the goal of the Plan was to build on the strength of Arlandria as a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use place through the redevelopment of underutilized sites. Re-development of the "oppurtunity sites" was the anticipated catalyst for the proposed revitalization.

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The Arlandrian: The long and short of Long Bridge Park



Just north of Crystal City between Route 1, I-395 and Roaches Run, on the land formerly known as "the North Tract", Arlington has opened the first phase of Long Bridge Park.


Future phases of the project might be a number of years away, but in the meantime Long Bridge is already a fabulous park. We took a tour. Here are some pics:

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The Arlandrian: New affordable housing proposed for Reed Avenue



The next decade will bring extraordinary transformation to Lynhaven, Arlandria and surrounding communities. With so much development planned to happen in Potomac Yard, it’s no surprise that parcels around us will be developed and redeveloped. One of the first examples of that is planned for the northwest corner of East Reed Avenue and JD Highway, what was once a gas station, now a vacant lot owned by the City of Alexandria.


The building is envisioned to be a multi-family housing project developed by Arlington Housing Corporation (AHC), a non-profit organization that builds, maintains and manages affordable housing.

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