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Browse, Buy, Create at The King Street Art Festival!


What a great fall weekend to enjoy the King Street Art Festival! This morning's weather made me even more excited to get outside tomorrow and check out the incredible array of artists that will be lining King Street tomorrow and Sunday.

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Holy Cow Donates Over 40,000 Quarters to Local Nonprofits

This post was originally featured on Causetown's blog by Kevin Markham. 

holy_cow_25_centsThe idea originated last year after a citywide fundraising day for nonprofits in Alexandria, Virginia. Restaurateur “Mango Mike” Anderson, the owner of Mango Mike’s, and John Porter, executive director of the community foundation ACT for Alexandria , wanted to give local charities a new way to raise funds year-round to supplement their normal fundraising activities. So when Anderson and his business partner Bill Blackburn launched a “gourmet burger joint” called Holy Cow in November 2012, they decided to donate a quarter for every burger sold to a local nonprofit of the customer’s choice.

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We Cannot Walk Alone: 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream"

On this, the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, we should take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous leadership Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. provided the Civil Rights Movement and continues to provide today. Over the thirteen years of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s leadership, the nonviolent, grassroots efforts of citizens from across the country led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. 

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The Neuro-Diversity Project

Studio 4, Old Town is giving children on the autism spectrum the opportunity to work one on one with an artist to create artwork that will be on display in Studio, 4 for the month of September. The idea for the Neuro-Diversity Project came from artist Gina Cochran, the project's creator and the mother of a child on the autism spectrum.

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It's National Senior Citizens Day!

Our resident senior citizen, ACT executive director, John Porter, made sure we posted about Natinoal Senior Citizens Day (and to honor him throughout the day). 
For example, did you know that John was there at the Crossing of the Delaware?

Dine Locally for Restaurant Week


It's officially restaurant week and we love to support our local businesses. Below are the participating restaurants in Alexandria. To make a reservation and read their menus, head over to the official Restaurant Week website or call them up. 

Bon appetit, mes chers!


We're Hiring!

UPDATE: This position has been filled. Thank you to all who applied!

Community Foundation Associate

ACT for Alexandria (ACT), Alexandria’s community foundation, is seeking a community foundation associate to assist ACT in achieving its mission of raising the level and effectiveness of giving and engagement in the community.  Serving the city since 2004, ACT has, through its donor advised and community funds, invested more than $6 million to assist others in Alexandria and beyond.


And the awards go to...


The RunningBrooke Fund and ACTion Alexandria would like to thank everyone who submitted an application and those who showed their support by voting for their favorite nonprofit’s Caring for Kids Grant Challenge idea.

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Meet Sunny

This out-of-towner is looking to make a home in Alexandria.

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Plays Well with Others

Written by Karen Baragona and originally published at

I've been trying to begin this post with a sentence like, "I love to watch dogs play," but I keep thinking of exceptions. I'm an anxious wreck at a dog park. I'm a nervous nelly supervising play groups when I'm teaching puppy class. And I'm on pins and needles watching play between shelter dogs that we've paired up for the first time. Am I a neurotic, smothering, mother hen? Well, I prefer to think of all this as well-informed vigilance. I know just enough about the complex dynamics of dog play to know that a) dogs are exchanging subtle signals constantly, which we don't always catch and often don't understand, and b) dogs' enthusiasm can escalate to hyper-arousal, which can then tip into aggression, seemingly without warning. So here are some thoughts on safe play.

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